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Mac Presentation Software Review

Why Mac Presentation Software?

Whether you’re creating a slideshow for a wedding reception, landmark birthday celebration, graduation party, business meeting, worship service or another event, Mac presentation software will make sure your images, music and video look and sound their best. With smoother transitions and the ability to add text and other visual effects, presentation and slideshow maker software certainly beats the full-screen media browser functionality that a Mac provides. Use visual effects like slide transition, text decoration and music to make your slideshow look like it was made by a professional. And if you’re giving a speech or a presentation at a business meeting, you can practice timing to make sure you’ll wow your audience.

Though most Mac owners have likely used Mac presentation software before, there are more applications to consider than just the most well-known ones, and we are here to help you find the best Mac slideshow software. Here we have the best Mac presentation software comparisons and reviews, articles on Mac presentation software, and we compare several options to find the top Mac presentation applications, like Keynote, PowerPoint and FotoMagico.

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Mac Presentation Software: What to Look For

Before you buy any Mac presentation application, you should know which features you need – and which ones you don’t. During our review process, we found several functions and attributes that are necessary for top-quality software.

Any Mac presentation application worth its salt will have the ability to add any multimedia, from text and photos to audio and video. But the best ones also have built-in chart or diagram editors to help you better present data, word processing tools to organize your work and collaborate with others, password protection to keep your work safe and spell check to make sure you're text is polished. While nearly all applications come with slide transition effects and object animations, higher-quality products have more options, including 3D effects. And built-in video and image editors make tweaking your media a breeze. Other organizational tools to look for include decorative slide themes or templates, master slide layouts, layer functionality, alignment guides and the ability to practice timing on your presentation.

Some Mac presentation applications are more widely used than others, so if you choose a less-common product, you should make sure it’s compatible with its more popular peers. This means it should be able to open or even save to file formats used by other applications, not just its native software format. You should also look for a product that allows you to save your work as a MOV file, a universal format that is read by QuickTime. Individual slides should be able to be saved as image files (JPG, TIFF or PNG) or as PDF files. Having a web-ready compatible format is an added bonus.

Ease of Use
Some of the more advanced Mac presentation software applications can get rather complex, particularly those that are styled after movie editing software. So you should be sure to look for a product that is easy to navigate, with an intuitive software design. Since Macs are known for their easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality, your slideshow presentation software should also have this feature.

Help & Support
Finally, there should be a wide range of self-help and technical support options available should you run into trouble. Self-help options include FAQs, manuals or Apple Help menus, troubleshooting guides and tutorials. Technical support options include live chat, email, phone and message boards.

If you find a Mac presentation application with the features and tools listed here, you’ll be able to create a slideshow presentation that will surely impress your friends, colleagues or bosses. We’ve compiled information on software that offers many of the things listed here; check out our in-depth reviews of Mac presentation software to find the one that is best for you.